Sunday, July 17, 2022

Senate candidate, illegal immigration foe, doesn't use E-Verify for his companies' hires


For months, Republicans have made immigration an issue in the fast-approaching midterm electionsKevin Landrigan for the New Hampshire Union Leader reports on how a growing immigration controversy in New Hampshire, far from the U.S./Mexico border:

"Republican U.S. Senate candidate Chuck Morse is adamant about ending illegal immigration and calls for "closing the border right away," but his landscaping firms have never joined the federal program required in nearly half the states to track whether their employees are in the country legally. . . . . A Union Leader investigation determined that none of the five companies Morse created to build his Freshwater Farms garden and landscaping centers use E-Verify, the 26-year-old free and voluntary federal program widely viewed as the best way private employers can detect undocumented workers."

Morse's spells out a standard GOP tough on immigration stance on his campaign website:

'This past year, we saw the greatest number of illegal border crossings in more than 20 years. Border Patrol agents have estimated that at least two million illegal immigrants have crossed our southern border since Joe Biden took office. That is greater than the entire population of New Hampshire. In fact, the amount of people illegally entering our country each and every month is roughly equal to the population of Nashua or Manchester!

When Joe Biden was elected, he promised his liberal base that we would have wide open national borders and, unfortunately, he kept that promise."

It is one thing to stake out support for tough immigration enforcement.  It is another for an employer not to utilize tools at his or her disposal to ensure compliance with the immigration laws.


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