Saturday, July 2, 2022

Report Card for USCIS Immigration Actions by Advocacy Groups

The Ready to Stay Administrative Advocacy Working Group released a Report Card discussing the progress that the Biden administration has made since issuing its request for comments last year on how USCIS can continue to decrease barriers to obtaining benefits. 

In the report, RTSAAWG analyzes agency actions in these three categories and issues a rating of "Progress Made," "Work Still To Do," or "No or Insufficient Action Taken." The goal of the report is to acknowledge positive progress made during the first year of the Biden administration and to highlight where actions are still necessary to fulfill the goals of President Biden's executive orders and the stated policy goals of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and USCIS.

Among the ratings:

  • Increase Transparency and Public Engagement (Progress made)
  • Restore Faith in Asylum System (No or insufficient action taken)
  • Issue TPS and DED Designations (Progress made)
  • Improve Access to Work Authorization (Progress made)
  • Expand DACA Protection (Work Still to be Done)
  • Shorten and Simplify USCIS Form (No or insufficient action taken), Reuse Previously Captured Biometrics (Progress Made), Adopt a Simpler Fee Waiver Process (Progress made)
  • Eliminate or Simplify Unnecessary Interviews (Work still to be done), Make the RFE Process More Efficient (Work still to be done), Avoid Unnecessary Denials, e.g. for late filing (Work still to be done)
  • Eliminate Mandatory Marijuana Denials (No or insufficient action taken)
  • Eliminate Extreme Vetting and End Denaturalization Efforts (No or insufficient action taken)
  • Increase Access to Naturalization (Work still to be done)
  • Issue Regulations Restoring Prior Guidance on Public Charge (Progress made)

The Administrative Advocacy Working Group is chaired by the National Immigration Project of the National Lawyers Guild and includes ILRC, BAJI, CHIRLA, CLINIC, NILC, MIRA, NIJC, Unidos-US,, I-ARC, and Faith in Action. The full report is here

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