Tuesday, July 19, 2022

New York Post: "Illegal immigration blamed in Uvalde, Texas school shooting: report"


The school massacre at a school in Uvalde, Texas, a town near the U.S./Mexico border, has been in the news for weeks.  Border Patrol officers were called to assist in the law enforcement response to the shooter at the school.

CNN reported that a preliminary report by the Texas House of Representatives investigative committee probing the Uvalde, school massacre outlines failures by law enforcement agencies.  Here is the report.

MaryAnn Martinez for the New York Post reports on an immigration angle on the tragedy:

"State lawmakers who investigated the horrific mass shooting noted in their findings a major problem plaguing Texas border towns as law enforcement increasingly spot vehicles suspected of human smuggling — and said the situation contributed to `relaxed vigilance' at the school during the May attack.

The report explained that when authorities try to pull a suspicious vehicle over, the driver often refuses to stop and speeds away, a dangerous occurrence that frequently ends in a crash and the operator and his passengers abandoning, or `bailing out,' of the car.

Such `bailouts' in Uvalde routinely trigger security alerts for local schools including Robb Elementary. But since the alerts usually don’t amount to danger for the school, they end up being treated a little like the boy who cried wolf, the pols’ report said.

One of the factors `contributing to relaxed vigilance [at Robb Elementary] was the frequency of security alerts and campus lockdowns resulting from a recent rise of ‘bailouts,’ the report said."



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