Sunday, July 31, 2022

From the Bookshelves: Immigartion:  An American History. By Carl J. Bon Tempo and Hasia R. Diner

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Immigartion:  An American History. By Carl J. Bon Tempo and Hasia R. Diner. Yale University Press. 416 pages. $40.

Here is the Yale University Press description of teh book:

A sweeping narrative history of American immigration from the colonial period to the present
"`A masterly historical synthesis, full of wonderful detail and beautifully written, that brings fresh insights to the story of how immigrants were drawn to and settled in America over the centuries.'—Nancy Foner, author of One Quarter of the Nation
The history of the United States has been shaped by immigration. Historians Carl J. Bon Tempo and Hasia R. Diner provide a sweeping historical narrative told through the lives and words of the quite ordinary people who did nothing less than make the nation.
Drawn from stories spanning the colonial period to the present, Bon Tempo and Diner detail the experiences of people from Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas. They explore the many themes of American immigration scholarship, including the contexts and motivations for migration, settlement patterns, work, family, racism, and nativism, against the background of immigration law and policy. Taking a global approach that considers economic and personal factors in both the sending and receiving societies, the authors pay close attention to how immigration has been shaped by the state response to its promises and challenges."

A review of the book concludes:

"Having described the deeply complicated, often inspiring, sometimes shameful story of immigration to the United States, Bon Tempo and Diner wish to leave their readers with three thoughts. First, immigrants came, and continue to come, in search of a better life. Second, a “constellation” of government entities at all levels have always shaped immigration. Lastly, the vast amount of immigrants are like you and me, people whose daily lives are full of concerns and dangers, as well as often unexpected opportunities. For all those points, this book makes sound and powerful arguments."


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