Friday, July 1, 2022

From rural ranch life to a doctorate


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Dr. Ana Y. Guerrero with her parents Patricia and Isaias at UC Santa Barbara's commencement ceremonies.

Here is a "feel good" immigration story.  "During her years of Ph.D. study, Ana Y. Guerrero would often run into her dad, a groundskeeper, on campus. `Having those short conversations with my dad was a burst of motivation and energy for me.'”

Now with a Ph.D. from the Gevirtz School of Education at UC Santa Barbara "Ana Guerrero still remembers an early childhood spent living in a trailer with her parents and two siblings out on a ranch in Goleta, a pastoral, coastal area at the southern entry to central California. Originally from Mexico, she and her family, like many immigrants to this country, took a shot at the American Dream, with its promise of a better life through hard work."


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