Monday, July 18, 2022

A former bracero farmworker breaks his silence, recalling abuse and exploitation


As Congress considers expanding a guest worker program for farm and dairy workers, it is worth considering the nation's experiences with past "guest worker" programs, such as the Bracero Program. Selene Rivera for the Los Angeles Times helps bring to light Fausto Ríos:

"For decades, the 82-year-old has kept his experiences as a migrant farmworker in the bracero program a secret from all but close family members. The father of four felt ashamed to tell his children — Fausto, Hector Hugo, Dora Luz and Jesús Manuel — about the indignities and abuses by unscrupulous bosses that he endured without ever filing a complaint. His children knew only that their father had been a farmworker.

Now a widower, with a damaged back, arthritic knees and a treadmill as his constant companion, he wants to play whatever role he can in exposing, and ending, the long history of racism, wage theft and mistreatment that many farmworkers experienced between the early 1940s and the mid-'60s." (bold added).

Read the story linked above for details.


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