Thursday, June 30, 2022

Ukrainian Immigrants in the United States


Flag of Ukraine

In Ukrainian Immigrants in the United States, Joshua Rodriguez and Jeanne Batalova for the Migration Policy Institute  looks at the Ukrainian immigrant population in the United States.

Amid the displacement of millions of Ukrainians after their country was invaded by Russia in February 2022, the United States is extending protection to as many as 180,000. In what has become Europe’s largest humanitarian crisis since World War II, nearly 8 million Ukrainians have been internally displaced and more than 6 million civilians (predominantly women and children) have fled the country—the vast majority seeking refuge in neighboring Poland, Moldova, Romania, Hungary, and Slovakia.

Before Russia's invasion of Ukraine, the United States was home to nearly 355,000 Ukrainians. While most displaced Ukrainians have remained in neighboring countries, small numbers have come to the United States. This article examines the pre-invasion Ukrainian immigrant population in the United States—its history, sociodemographic characteristics, modes of arrival, and more.

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