Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Michigan J. Race & Law Special issue: War on Terror

Mich J Race

A series of articles in the Michigan Journal of Race and the Law address the myriad harmful impacts of the "War on Terror" and its aftermath on Muslims in the United States. Here is the full list of articles available for download:

Origin Stories: Critical Race Theory Encounters the War on Terror

Natsu Taylor Saito

State Sponsored Radicalization

Sahar F. Aziz

Material Support Prosecutions and their Inherent Selectivity

Wadie E. Said

American Informant

Ramzi Kassem

The Ban and its Enduring Bandwidth

Khaled Ali Beydoun

The World of Private Terrorism Litigation

Maryam Jamshidi

A Religious Double Standard: Post-9/11 Challenges to Muslims’ Religious Land Usage

Asma T. Uddin

9/11 Impacts on Muslims in Prison




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