Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Death on the Border Chapter 101: 46 Migrants Reported Dead in Truck/Trailer in San Antonio, Texas


It is only June and it already has been a hot summer.  Once again, migrants are dying along the U.S./Mexico border.  Yesterday was an especially tragic day.

As reported by the Associated Press,"[a]uthorities in Texas say that 46 people believed to be migrants were found dead in a tractor-trailer and 16 others were taken to hospitals [yesterday] in a remote part of San Antonio."  The article lists a few of the many cases of mass deaths of migrants in human smuggling efforts. Click here for more details.  Unfortunately, as often reported in posts on the ImmigrationProf blog, the death toll at the U.S./Mexico border has been mounting as U.S. border enforcement efforts have escalated in the last twenty-plus years.   See, for example, here, here, here, here, here.  

Accoding to CNN, 16 migrants survived: 
"Those who were found alive were hot to the touch and suffering from heat stroke and exhaustion . . . and were conscious when transported for care. There was no sign of water in the refrigerated tractor trailer and no visible working air conditioning unit . . . . 
High temperatures in the San Antonio area ranged from the high 90s to low 100s [yesterday] . . . ." (bold added).
Newsweek reports that "Texas Governor Greg Abbott and Beto O'Rourke, the former congressman hoping to unseat Abbott . . . , had sharply differing responses after 46 people were found dead in an abandoned tractor-trailer in San Antonio on Monday."



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