Monday, June 27, 2022

Biden Immigration Enforcement Priorities Put on Hold

Miriam Jordan for the New York Times reports that, over the weekend, the Biden administration policy suspended a policy prioritizing the apprehension of undocumented immigrants who are considered a threat to public safety and national security.   Earlier this month, federal judge DrewTipton, an appointee of President Donald J. Trump, blocked from going into effect the Department of Homeland Security policy. Judge Tipton sided with Texas and Louisiana, which claimed that the policy prevents U.S. immigration authorities from enforcing the law.  “While the department strongly disagrees with the Southern District of Texas’ court decision to vacate the guidelines, D.H.S. will abide by the court’s order as it continues to appeal it,” the department said in a statement.

Jordan writes that District Judge Tipton wrote that "[t]he judge had stayed his ruling to allow the government to pursue an emergency appeal. But the stay expired on Friday, and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit had not yet issued a ruling, leaving Judge Tipton’s order to take effect."


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