Friday, June 3, 2022

A the Movies: The Courtoom

In this powerful drama from director Lee Sunday Evans and writer (and Succession breakout star) Arian Moayed, the legal thriller is given a bold and innovative new twist.Adapted verbatim from court transcripts, The Courtroom follows the harrowing journey of Elizabeth Keathley (Kristin Villanueva) a Filipina immigrant who mistakenly registers to vote while on a K3 visa, a crime punishable by deportation. Married with a newborn baby, Elizabeth, with the support of her husband and the tireless efforts of their lawyer, struggles to navigate an increasingly convoluted and nightmarish legal system.
At present, the film is available to stream for a 10 day window (from June 16 - 26) as part of the Tribeca Film Festival.
Hat tip to Jeffrey Chase, who thinks that the film might be suitable for immigration classes.

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