Monday, May 30, 2022

Republican politicians all over the country have repeated the Great Replacement theory


The Great Replacement Theory, the theory that whites are being replaced by people of color, has ben gett8ing sustained  media attention in the wake of the horrible mass murder of African Americans in Buffalo, by a gunman who adhered to the theory.    

Erin Mansfield and Candy Woodall for USA Today take a look at how Republican politicians have long repeated the Great Replacement Theory in advocating restrictions on immigration:

"All over the country, sitting members of Congress, candidates, state politicians and former officeholders have been . . . bringing a white supremacist conspiracy theory to the forefront. They often try to distance themselves from the conspiracy theory’s antisemitic origins – a baseless belief that Jews are behind a systematic replacement of white people with immigrants and Black people – and instead say Democrats are trying to import nonwhite voters to take over American elections. They often denounce racism and bigotry in general, but not replacement theory."

“If you turn yourself into a perceived victim, it justifies the horrible things that you do to them (immigrants)," said Nolan Cabrera, an education professor at the University of Arizona who specializes in the influence of whiteness. "But in order to see yourself as that you need to have an aggressor." Arizona's famous attempt to restrict immigration through SB 1070 culminated a similar debate "when politicians accused Mexicans of invading the country and said that they were drug dealers, among other disparaging comments."


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