Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Regional Expert Paper Series at CeMeCa

A Regional Expert Paper Series is being released with sponsorship from the Center for Mexico and Central America (CeMeCA) at Columbia University. The series features high-quality, cutting-edge empirical research by Central American, Mexican, and U.S.-based investigators and academics and can be used to help with preparation of asylum cases. 

One strand of the initiative includes translations of selected reports, papers, and data from research centers in Central America and Mexico that would not otherwise be available in English. The purpose of the series is to make local knowledge and area studies expertise more broadly accessible. The series is curated by anthropologists Amelia Frank-Vitale (Princeton) and Lauren Heidbrink (CSU-Long Beach). The first paper, Conditions of Children and Youth in Guatemala, authored by investigators Lauren Heidbrink, Sandra Chu Norato, and María García Maldonado, examines the underlying conditions of children’s lives in Guatemala, highlighting the relevant laws, policies, and institutional practices that shape the everyday lives of children and youth and that lead to their migration. Drawing from the authors' experiences in Guatemala as researchers, attorneys, and practitioners, the report details how ‘laws on the books’ may conflict with ‘laws in practice,’ identifying where the Guatemalan government is either unwilling or unable to ensure basic protections and rights for children.

An invitation to area studies researchers to contribute with submission guidelines has also been released: Call for Papers.

Reach out to us at with questions about the series. 

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