Sunday, May 15, 2022

Immigrants Who Helped Catch Subway Attack Suspect Now Need Help Themselves


Ashley Southall for the New York Times follows up on one of "New York’s worst subway attack in decades."  Police have credited immigrants -- "an undocumented Mexican immigrant, a Lebanese student and an American-born Syrian who had fled civil war and left his parents behind" -- with helping to capture the man charges with opening fire inside an N train on April 12 in Brooklyn. They now seek relief from the U.S. immigration system as they seek "visas set aside for victims, witnesses and informants who help law enforcement, and [are] determining whether they can access alternatives like humanitarian parole or political asylum. . . . . Their lawyers say aiding their clients would help to rebuild trust among Muslims and immigrants after years of heightened hostility toward them under President Donald J. Trump."

More than a third of New York residents are immigrants, including roughly half a million undocumented people and 760,000  Muslim residents.


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