Thursday, May 12, 2022

Democracy in Danger Podcast on the Decriminalization of Border Crossing

From the University of Virginia Media Lab, Democracy in Danger's most recent episode features the criminal laws of immigration and the legal challenge to end these racist prosecutions once and for all. Listen to the incredible Kara Hartzler, Deborah S. Kang, and Lauren Gorman!

Here's the summary of the show:

Entering the United States without permission is a crime. But should it be? This time on the show, we hear from a couple of lawyers who have been fighting to decriminalize unauthorized immigration. They say federal law unfairly targets Latin Americans — locking up hundreds of thousands of migrants who cross America’s southern border, costing billions of dollars each year. Plus, Will speaks with a University of Virginia historian who has helped make the case that those laws have patently racist origins.

Democracy in Danger is available on Apple Podcasts. Hosts Will Hitchcock and Siva Vaidhyanathan are both University of Virginia professors. Each week they are joined by leading thinkers to discuss serious threats to government by the people: from the dark web and media disinformation, to climate change, economic inequality and violent extremism. 

For more background on the racist origins of the illegal entry and reentry laws featured in the podcast, check out Eric Fish's new article, Race, History, and Immigration Crimes.


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