Thursday, May 12, 2022

Asylum Real-o-thetical

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On Monday, Russia's Victory Day, anti-war messages appeared on the Russian news site Lenta. Reportedly (because it turns out translating Russian isn't in my wheelhouse), the slogans included:

  • "Vladimir Putin has turned into a pitiful dictator and paranoiac"
  • “Russian authorities have banned journalists from talking about the negative”
  • "Russia threatens to destroy the whole world"
  • “War makes it easier to cover up economic failures"
  • "Zelensky turned out to be cooler than Putin"

So where does the asylum real-o-thetical come in? With these few lines from the BBC: "two employees of the pro-Kremlin publication took responsibility for the 'performance', adding they were now outside Russia and had written that they would probably need jobs, lawyers and political asylum."

In the Guardian's coverage of this story, the journalists are identified by name and one told the paper: "Of course I am afraid... I am not ashamed to admit that. But I knew what I was doing, what the consequences could be.”


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