Friday, April 22, 2022

Yale Journal of International Law Online Symposium on "Managing Mixed Migration."


The Yale Journal of International Law Online has published a Symposium on "Managing Mixed Migration."  As the abstract describes, "[t]he term `mixed migration' is typically used to describe the cross-border movements of people who are prima facie refugees and people who move for economic reasons. But the term also characterizes many individual migrants’ mixed rationales for leaving home:"

Here is the table of contents:


Refugees as Workers
Jaya Ramji-Nogales

Impoverishing Asylum
Zachary Manfredi

Visa Policies, Migration Controls, and Mobility Aspirations
Craig Damian Smith

Locked in Temporality
Martijn Stronks

Margins of Empire
Timothy Webster 

When Do “Closed Camps” Become Prisons by Another Name?
Mara Revkin

A Rights-based Assessment of the Temporary Protection Statute for Venezuelans in Colombia
Stefano Angeleri and María Teresa Palacios Sanabria

Reimagining Sovereignty to Protect Migrants
Pooja R. Dadhania


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