Saturday, February 5, 2022

WaPo Debunks JD Vance Talking Points on Biden & Unlawful Migration

Let's start with JD Vance. Actual author and would-be Ohio Senator, Vance recently opined that there are many reasons to impeach President Joe Biden. Among those, Vance said: "The thing that I think Biden has done that is genuinely unprecedented in the history of this country is to sanction, encourage and pay for an invasion of this country."

Photo of JD Vance by Gage Skidmore

Phillip Bump, a WaPo analyst, examined this statement, concluding Vance's argument is "not the strongest."

One thing Bump considers is how Biden's numbers compare to those of President Bill Clinton. Why? Well, Vance brought Clinton up, saying: "A lot of negative things I could say about Bill Clinton, but Bill Clinton did not allow an invasion on this scale.” Here's what Bump concludes:

"The number of apprehensions in fiscal 2021 was 1.1 percent higher than the number of apprehensions in 2000, the highest year of Clinton’s two terms. [But] Biden wasn’t president for all of fiscal 2021. The government’s fiscal years begin in October, so more than 200,000 of the apprehensions in that fiscal year cannot be attributed to Biden. If we extract the Trump-era portion of those apprehensions, Biden’s numbers are lower than four years of Clinton’s administration. If we then adjust for the country’s population, the first nine months of Biden’s term (even giving him full credit for January 2021!) saw fewer apprehensions relative to the country’s population than six of Clinton’s eight years. (Maybe seven — we don’t have monthly splits on 1993, when Clinton would have been divvying up apprehensions with George H.W. Bush.)."

If you love charts like me, you might be interested in seeing the charts that accompanies this narrative.


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