Thursday, January 27, 2022

Your Playlist: Scott Ainslie

The Land That I Love by Scott Ainslie explores themes of the push/pull factors leading folks to enter into the United States without authorization.

For example, the chorus cries: "If it weren’t for low wages – I’d be living there still."

Verse two tackles the crossing itself:

So, we paid the coyotes. We rode in the van.
We walked in the desert; lost in this land.
Her feet were so blistered – that she could not go on.
When I left her I kissed her. When I came back, she was gone.

You can read about Scott's journey to writing this song at this link. It's dedicated to "Grecia Cruz, who crossed into the Tohono O’odham Reservation desert and was lost June 23, 2007." Ainslie hopes that listeners will "be moved to learn more about NAFTA and the role that US trade policies and globalization play in manipulating labor on both sides of our southern border and in creating the pressing needs that are driving immigration."


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