Monday, January 17, 2022

WaPo Op-Ed Calls out Biden for Maintaining Trump Immigration Policies

Over at WaPo, opinion columnist Catherine Rampell asks: A year into his presidency, Biden has kept some of Trump’s worst immigration policies in place. Why?

Rampell acknowledges the pro-immigration changes the Biden administration has made: upping the number of refugees the U.S. plans to take, working to evacuate Afghanistanis to the United States.

But, she asks, what about the Remain In Mexico/Migrant Protection Protocols? Rampell calls out the administration for not only ceding to a court demand that the program remain in place but have also expanding the program’s scope "to cover even more categories of immigrants."

"Worse," she writes, "Biden has maintained Trump’s Title 42 order."

Her conclusion is a total punch to the gut:

It’s unclear why Biden has maintained his predecessor’s policies. One possibility is politics — that these choices were intended to stave off right-wing attacks about lax enforcement. If that was the motivation, though, it failed. Instead, Biden has delivered the worst of all worlds: inhumane, immoral, potentially illegal policy — and bad-faith political blowback about “open borders” all the same.


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Garland’s horrible failure to reform EOIR is at the heart of this problem:

Posted by: Paul Wickham Schmidt | Jan 18, 2022 7:51:44 AM

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