Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Many of those who died in the Bronx apartment fire were from West Africa


The horrific fire in New York made the national and international news.  It turns out that, as reported by NPR, "the devastating fire at a Bronx apartment complex this weekend are slowly emerging. Many of those who died are said to have been immigrants from West Africa as well as a part of the local Muslim community."

Gambia's foreign ministry said in statement on Facebook that it was "deeply saddened" to report that 11 Gambians, including six children, were killed in the fire.

UPDATE (Jan. 13):  Elizabeth Keyes let  the ImmProf  listserve know that

"This piece from the NYT really digs into that story, showing how that first migrant from a community (in this case, Gambia) can build a whole world around them.

For anyone interested in supporting the community, African Communities Together does excellent work, and had been connected to families in this particular building long before the fire. They aren't fundraising specifically for this (i.e. no dedicated page on their website) but you can put `in support of' in the donation field, if you're inclined to help:"


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