Sunday, January 23, 2022

Couple arrested after anti-immigrant rant against family on train



This might not seem like a significant story.  But the daily verbal attacks on perceived foreigners continues to undermine the sense of belong of communities of color in the United States.

NBC News reports that a New York couple has been arrested and charged after they were filmed launching a hateful rant against a family on a train earlier this month, calling them "foreigners" and "immigrants with no rights."

Justin Likerman and Kristin Digesaro of Long Island, turned themselves into transit police.

According to the report, Liz Edelkind was with her 10-year-old son, husband and two others, on their way home from a New York Knicks game at Madison Square Garden. They were looking for seats on the trainr and asked some passengers to move to accommodate them when Likerman and Digesaro allegedly started to yell. Edelkind believes they were targeted due to her accent and skin color.

According to the complaint, Digesaro said, “You f——— immigrants, you have no rights in this country. You have no right to ask anyone to move. You don’t even pay taxes.”

Likerman also allegedly said: “F——— foreigners. You take all our resources,” according to the complaint.

The complaint alleges that Likerman was seen with a beer in his hand and threw beer at the family.

“The couple started to verbally attack me, calling me curse words, immigrant, that I don’t pay taxes, that I have no rights in this country,” Edelkind said to NBC New York.

In video footage of the rant, Likerman is heard saying "“they’re taking over my f——— country.”

“Those words that come out their mouths don’t come out unless you have hatred in your heart,” Edelkind said. “The attack was completely unprovoked, a situation they created.”


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