Friday, January 14, 2022

Coronavirus infections inside U.S. immigration detention centers surge by 520% in 2022


Color me not shocked in the least. CBS is reporting that coronavirus infections inside U.S. immigration detention centers have surged by 520% in 2022:

On Thursday, 1,766 immigrants were being monitored or isolated at ICE detention facilities due to confirmed coronavirus infections, a more than sixfold jump from January 3, when there were 285 active cases, government statistics show.

The number of detainees with active COVID-19 cases represents 8% of the 22,000 immigrants ICE is currently holding in its network of 200 detention centers, county jails and for-profit prisons.

Not good.

It's time to re-read this article by immprof Fatma Marouf (TAMU): The Impact of COVID-19 on Immigration Detention.


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