Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Trump Lost the Presidential Battle but Won the Immigration War?


Official White House Photo

Ruben Navarrette Jr. for the Daily Beast suggests that, even though he lost the 2020 election, he may well have won the war over immigration.

While President Biden has softened some of the Trump administration policies, some remain intact.  Yesterday, the Biden administration brought back the Migrant Protection Protocols, the “Remain in Mexico” policy.  The policy, devised by Stephen Miller, in response to the asylum seekers coming to the U.S./Mexico border.  In addition, the Biden administration has been accused of "doubling down" on the Trump administration's efforts to de-certify the immigration judges union.

Navarrette is critical of the Biden's immigration policies:

"That was true back to when the Trump administration first concocted the inhumane idea of harboring thousands of would-be refugees south of the U.S.-Mexico border, even though doing so placed those people in harm’s way. And it’s true now that the Biden administration is not only picking up where Trump left off but, worse, expanding the program to include a whole new group of people that the White House wants to get rid of."



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