Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Silver lining of remote learning for LEP parents

One generalization about immigrants that is often true is that they come from different places and therefore speak different languages.

Those who come to the US as adults lack the same opportunities to learn English that their children have in K-12 public schools, where civil rights laws since Lau v. Nichols require that educational access not be denied on the basis of language.

A happy news story from pandemic times is that the provision of educational software and computers to English language learners during remote learning benefitted parents as well as children. Linking, Empowering, and Advancing Families (LEAF) is a partnership between metro schools and community groups in Nashville, Tennessee that offered such classes. As word got around, classes filled and overflow interest channeleed into other classes. The convenience of home computing or even learning on a smart phone while on-the-go expanded the reach of the program. As a result students began to learn practical vocabulary for ordering food at a restaurant, shopping, and working. Teachers are able to encourage them in their learning.


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