Monday, December 6, 2021

The Late Senator Bob Dole's Immigration, Latina/o Legacy


Senator Dole in the 1980s courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

An American hero, Senator Bob Dole, has passed away at 98.   Raul Reyes for NBC News looks at Dole's complicated legacy with Latina/os and immigration:

"In 1977, a Republican senator from Kansas joined the newly formed Congressional Hispanic Caucus as an `honorary member.' In the 1980s, he voted for amnesty for undocumented immigrants. In the 1990s, he ran for president while embracing anti-immigrant measures.

Such was the complicated legacy of Bob Dole — who died Sunday at 98 — with the Latino community. During Dole’s political heyday, the Latino population tripled, and immigration emerged as a hot-button issue among conservatives. While his national campaigns failed to draw strong Latino support, Dole’s passing is an opportunity to reflect on the politics of a Republican from a different era."


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