Thursday, December 30, 2021

Disillusionment and disappointment: Biden's White House struggles to find its footing on immigration


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Priscilla Alvarez of CNN reviews the Biden administration's immigration record and, consistent with other year-end assessments (and here), finds it to be a mixed bag.  Her analysis begins as follows:

"President Joe Biden kicked off his administration with lofty goals to revamp America's immigration system, but with the end of the year approaching, lawsuits and infighting have stalled policy changes, officials have fielded criticism from allies and critics over management of the US southern border, and efforts to pass immigration revisions seem farther away.

The administration's best-case scenario is a `totally mixed bag,' said Jorge Loweree, policy director at the American Immigration Council. `And worst case is an effective continuation of what Trump wanted.'
Immigration has been a politically perilous issue for Biden, whose approval rating has sagged. During an influx of unaccompanied migrant minors in the spring, Biden tapped Vice President Kamala Harris to address root causes of migration -- an intractable issue that's dogged previous administrations. While Harris has announced private-sector investments in Central America, she's largely kept the situation at the US-Mexico border at a distance."

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