Tuesday, December 7, 2021

COVID-19 related immobility the "great disruptor" of migration

Government responses to COVID-19 have involved severe restrictions on the freedom of movement of people all around the world. In late November, many countries including the U.S. and European countries, instituted bans on travel from South Africa to thwart the spread of the Omicron variant. Until early November, the U.S. imposed restrictions on nonessential travel from many other high infection or low vaccination countries. 

The University of Oxford Covid19 Government Response Tracker taps a new data set that records a wide range of government responses globally, including various “stay-at-home” measures, restrictions on internal movements within a country, and international travel control measures. It shows that both internal and international migration controls were quickly put in place by the vast majority of countries around the world, with the peak occurring in late March to early April 2020. (The chart can be manipulated from the IOM tracker website.)

COVID-19 migration disruption

COVID-19 migration disruption 2

Also, the highest increases to migration occurred in Europe and Asia. Additional maps, timelines, and data appear in the report. They are both visually striking and informative!



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