Saturday, November 13, 2021

NYT Editorial Board Calls to "End the Pandemic Emergency at the Border"

The New York Times editorial board published an opinion piece today calling to "end the pandemic emergency at the border." In it, they cite to testimony from former CDC officials released by congressional investigators this week that conceded that "there was little public health rationale for instituting [Title 42], since the virus was already spreading in the United States by the time the Title 42 order was signed."

Title 42, they write:

[E]ssentially makes it impossible for migrants who fear for their lives to claim asylum even at ports of entry and returns many to squalid camps in Mexico where they are vulnerable to violence and threats from smugglers and cartels. Under U.S. law, anyone who sets foot on American soil is entitled to express a fear of violence and persecution in their home country, setting off a process that can take years to resolve in backlogged courts. Title 42 short-circuits that process and allows for immediate removal.


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