Tuesday, November 30, 2021

News Reports: New Caravan Heads North From Southern Mexico


Beginning in the Trump administration, reports of caravans of migrants from the South have regularly (for example, here and here) made the news.  With caravan reports so consistently in the news and with so little ultimately coming of them, it is difficult to know whether the caravan reports should be of much concern to Americans or, for that matter, in the news.

Jose Luis Gonzalez for Reuters reports offers the latest caravan report:

"Some 2,000 migrants and asylum seekers departed the southern Mexican city of Tapachula near the Guatemalan border overnight on Sunday in the latest in a series of caravans setting out for the United States. . . . The majority of its members were families from Central America and the Caribbean fleeing violence, poverty and growing hunger crises in their home countries. . . . For months, migrants and human rights advocates have denounced the `prison-like' conditions in Tapachula. Under Mexican rules, migrants must wait to process their claims - often for months - before being able to relocate to other parts of the country without fear of deportation. . . . Last week, the Mexican government transported hundreds of migrants from Tapachula to other states in efforts to head off the formation of more caravans. But tens of thousands of migrants still remain in the city."

As the latest Mexican government response to migrants suggests, it has been cooperating with the United States on immigration enforcement.  The U.S. government has sought Mexico to attempt to reduce migration from the South



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