Saturday, October 30, 2021

Damages in WA Wage Case Against GEO = $17.3 million

On Wednesday, we noted that a federal jury had found that detained migrants at the GEO-run Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma were entitled to the state's minimum wage ($13.69/hr). GEO had been paying migrants $1 a day for tasks like cooking and cleaning.

Yesterday, the damages portion of the case concluded. The verdict? $17.3 million in back pay.

That's not a small chunk of change. However, CNN Money reports that GEO Group pulled in $551.5 million in sales last quarter. So, I'm thinking the payout is not going to hurt too badly. On the other hand, having to actually pay worker a minimum wage on a going-forward basis? Especially if the company starts to do so in all states not just Washington? That's definitely going to impact the bottom line.


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