Friday, October 15, 2021

Children's experiences on Central America-US migration corridor highlighted in IOM report

A special issue of IOM's Migration Policy Practice Journal on children in the current Central America– Mexico–United States context identifies critical blind spots on child-related migration data. It urges readers to look beyond cyclical trends, to instead identify underlying and pressing policy and practice issues that have remained unattended or ignored by past United States administrations, and that are at risk to remain so unless we collectively – and critically – examine our understandings of child migration.

Articles include:


1. IOM - UN Migration Missing Migrant's Project Marta Sánchez Dionis Andrea García Borja Kate Dearden on accounting for the deaths and disappearances of indigenous migrant girls & boys; 


2. Gabriella Sanchez on why the securitized focus on organized crime in irregular migration hides the serious risks children face as migrants and as smuggling facilitators; 

3. Yaatsil Guevara González & Alexandra Leston on how asylum may not be the outcome migrant children expect while in Mexico; 


4. Lauren Heidbrink, Ph.D. & Amelia Frank-Vitale on the perils of development aid; 


5. Kids in Need of Defense (KIND) Lisa FrydmanElba Coria Catherine Mongeon on US & MX laws protecting unaccompanied children, and 


6. Caitlyn Yates critical work on racism and discrimination of Asian, African and Afro-descendant migrant children.


The special issue can be accessed here. Questions can be directed to Gabriella Sanchez.


MHC  (h/t Jaya Ramji-Nogales)

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