Thursday, September 23, 2021

The New Yorker: Building a New Life in Tijuana’s Booming Deportee Economy



An article in the New Yorker by Yasmine Al-Sayyad discusses a f.  “Dial Home,” a  documentary

"is based around call centers in Tijuana, where a deportee economy has mushroomed in recent years. These call centers employ deportees who speak good English and can therefore service customers in the U.S. `The whole experience of being there feels like you’re in a science-fiction movie,' Martínez Barba told me. `There are so many call centers, and there are so many people who’ve been deported who are on the phone every day, still dialing into life in the United States.' The work is notoriously relentless: strict shifts, difficult clients. The deportees are earning pesos, not dollars. But many [of the workers]. .  find comfort inside their office walls, camaraderie in a common language and shared experience. `When you’re at work, it feels like you still work in the U.S.,' he says in the film. `As soon as you leave those call-center doors, it’s different.'”

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