Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Looking for a law review idea? Kari Hong has you covered.


Kari Hong, formerly of Boston College Las School and now of the Florence Project, spoke at yesterday's contribution to the Abolish ICE? online conference. (Reminder: The conference continues this morning and tomorrow afternoon.)

One of the last questions of the conference, put to all panelists, was a call for proposals to change to the immigration system, whether small or large.

Kari's response was a list of seven possible changes:

  1. Universal representation in immigration proceedings
  2. Eliminate expedited removal
  3. Restructure immigration courts to make them independent.
  4. Place asylum officers at the border.
  5. Legalize DACA and all frontline workers.
  6. Abolish detention.
  7. Repeal IIRIRA.

It struck me that this was a wonderful list of possible law review topics. Some have been explored before (universal representation, legalize DACA). Others have not (repeal IIRIRA). But any one of these proposals on their own would make a wonderful law review article. I know that students sometimes get stuck trying to come up with topics, here's a ready-made list! 


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