Thursday, September 9, 2021

From The Bookshelves: Civic Education in the Age of Mass Migration: Implications for Theory and Practice by Angela M. Banks


Angela M. Banks (ASU) has an exciting new book out--Civic Education in the Age of Mass Migration: Implications for Theory and Practice. Here's the official pitch:

This important book offers an inclusive approach to preparing students to be responsible participants in a democratic society. Civic education generally operates through the lens of citizenship, where students learn what good citizenship is and what good citizens do. Yet the citizenship lens fails to identify the wide range of schoolchildren and their families who participate in economic, political, and social life. Civic Education in the Age of Mass Migration examines the exclusionary aspects of citizenship and offers democratic societies an alternative approach that includes all long-term residents regardless of citizenship and immigration status. Banks reimagines a civic education curriculum that gives secondary students the knowledge and skills needed to move the United States toward a more perfect union.

Co-blogger Kevin offers this review of the book:

In Civic Education in the Age of Mass Migration, Angela Banks critically considers the necessary civic education for fully integrating immigrants of different racial and other backgrounds into U.S. society. Besides identifying a neglected topic of study, the book powerfully demonstrates how the exclusionary aspects of immigration laws historically have shaped—and continue to shape—the integration of immigrants into the mainstream and, most importantly, offers concrete ways of facilitating a sense of belonging.


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