Friday, August 6, 2021

University of Maryland Federal Appellate Immigration Clinic Position

The Chacón Center for Immigrant Justice at Maryland Carey Law is hiring an inaugural Director for our new Federal Appellate Immigration Clinic for Fall 2022.  The Director will work with Professor Maureen Sweeney and Center Associate Director Gabriela Kahrl to pursue the Chacón Center’s goals of human rights, racial equity and social justice for immigrants.  The Director will be charged with designing and teaching a clinic to engage in federal appellate litigation that will work in collaboration with the law school's Immigration Clinic and will be focused on the immigration consequences of convictions, humanitarian protection, and other impact issues that affect immigrants.  Applicants with strong backgrounds in legal practice, applicants of color, applicants with disabilities, veterans, women, and other members of historically disadvantaged groups, are especially welcomed.

The official job posting is here.  The position is open to both entry level and junior lateral candidates with potential for outstanding legal practice, clinical education, and scholarly achievement.  The position will begin July 1, 2022.



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