Monday, August 9, 2021

Tokyo Olympics Close, Great Stories (and Some Immigration Ones)


The Tokyo Olympics ended yesterday.  It had many great stories, including gymnast Suni Lee's gold medal (and here).  It also had some great immigration stories, including the second Olympic Refugee Team, Poland providing sanctuary to a sprinter from Belarus. and DACA recipient Luis Grijalva at the last minute able to make it to Tokyo to compete in the 5K for his native country of Guatemala (finishing 12th and setting a new Guatemalan record).

Sally Ho for the Associated Press reports on another Olympics story that should not be forgotten.  Surfer Carissa Moore (and here) won the first Olympic gold medalist in surfing’s Olympics debut. Carissa's mother  had given her a flower hair clip before she left for Tokyo to remind the only Native Hawaiian Olympic surfer of where she came from.  Moore is still in disbelief when she's compared to Duke Kahanamoku, the godfather of modern surfing who is  memorialized in Hawaii with a cherished monument.


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