Sunday, August 22, 2021

"The Groundbreaking Decision That Just Struck a Blow to Our Racist Immigration Laws"

Elie Mystal for the Netion discussed the recent ruling in U.S. v. Carrillo-Lopez, in which U.S. District Judge Miranda Du declared 8 U.S.C. Section 1326, outlawing illegal re-entry into the country, violated Equal Protection. I blogged about the ruling shortly after it was issued.

Mystal writes:

"The opinion is thorough and well-reasoned, and Judge Du’s arguments are so obvious in retrospect that it’s kind of amazing they aren’t a staple of the immigration debate in this country. But this is where Judge Du’s background perhaps becomes important.

The opinion is brilliant, and I’m going to print it out so I’ll still have a copy of it when Justice Samuel Alito and the other conservatives on the Supreme Court reverse it and order Du’s opinion to be nuked from orbit. . . .  After all, the Supreme Court found bigotry to be okay in Trump v. Hawaii, which upheld the Muslim ban, so finding a reason to uphold Section 1326 will be child’s play for the conservatives who like a little bigotry in their immigration rulings."


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