Monday, August 2, 2021

Immigration Law Professor Named Senior Counselor on Immigration Policy in Biden's Justice Department


Good immigration news from Washington D.C.!  Immigration law professor Lucas Guttentag has been named senior counselor on immigration policy and report to the Department of Justice’s Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco. Guttantag served in the Obama administration as a senior adviser on immigration policy, including as senior counselor to the secretary of Homeland Security.  Anita Kumar for Politico states that "Guttentag will not only help dismantle Trump-era policies but will coordinate Biden policy among various agencies and departments."

Kumar writes that "[p]rior to entering the administration, Guttentag served as law professor at Stanford Law School and lecturer at Yale Law School. He launched the Immigration Policy Tracking Project in 2017 to develop and maintain a complete record of Trump administration immigration actions.

In total, Trump made more than 400 alterations to immigration policy during his time in office, according to the Migration Policy Institute, a think tank with staffers across the political spectrum that provides data and analysis on immigration policy. The Immigration Policy Tracking Project put that number closer to 1,000."


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