Tuesday, August 31, 2021

From The Bookshelves: The Asylumist by Jason Dzubow


Jason Dzubow is the author of The Asylumist blog and, now, a book by the same name.

The full title of the book is The Asylumist: How to Seek Asylum in the United States and Keep Your Sanity. As Dzubow writes:

the book is meant to serve as a companion for asylum seekers and their advocates. It is designed to support you as you navigate the asylum bureaucracy. It answers a number of common questions and aspires to help asylum seekers better understand the process. Further, and not least of all, the book aims to provide some comfort to those working their way through a difficult, confusing, demoralizing, and often unjust system. Perhaps by learning more about the process, asylum seekers will feel more empowered and more hopeful.

This sounds like a serious winner for you asylum clinics out there.

Ayuda is holding a fundraiser book talk about The Asylumist on September 9 at Immigrant Food for you DC-immprofs. For those of us a bit farther afield, the talk will be live-streamed on Facebook.

Commendably, Dzubow plans to donate profits from his book to a variety of asylum-related charities!



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