Friday, August 27, 2021

From The Bookshelves: Clamouring for Legal Protection--What the Great Books Teach Us About People Fleeing from Persecution


Clamouring for Legal Protection: What the Great Books Teach Us About People Fleeing from Persecution is a new law-and-literature book by Robert F. Barsky (Vanderbilt). (FYI: It's printed by UK outfit Hart publishing, which explains the "ou" in clamoring).


Here's the pitch:

In this novel approach to law and literature, Robert Barsky delves into the canon of so-called Great Books, and discovers that many beloved characters therein encounter obstacles similar to those faced by contemporary refugees and undocumented persons.

The struggles of Odysseus, Moses, Aeneas, Dante, Satan, Dracula and Alice in Wonderland, among many others, provide surprising insights into current discussions about those who have left untenable situations in their home countries in search of legal protection.

Law students, lawyers, social scientists, literary scholars and general readers who are interested in learning about international refugee law and immigration regulations in home and host countries will find herein a plethora of details about border crossings, including those undertaken to flee pandemics, civil unrest, racism, intolerance, war, forced marriage, or limited opportunities in their home countries.

I've always wanted to write an article about Odysseus and migration. Looks like the perfect book to launch my research.


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