Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Diversity visas in limbo

 Every year, roughly 55,000 people from countries with low levels of immigration to the US are chosen via a lottery to apply for a diversity visa. Very few win -- 1% of 23 million entrants --  but for those who do, it’s a golden ticket to a better life.

The program is once in limbo, after coming under attack during the Trump Administration. President Trump sought to end the program and spoke disparagingly of the immigrants who arrive from "shithole countries." The deprioritization of the program led to a massive backlog that Biden has not cleared, despite campaign promises to restore and expand the program. 

The State Department says that the US government's capacity to review these appliations depends on US embassies and consultates that have been largely shut down during COVID-19 travel restrictions. If the government cannot resume processing in tie for the September 30 deadline, lottery winners will miss out on their chance to come to the U.S.

Based on State Department data, here are the 10 countries that most benefited from the DV-2022 program and who now await processing:

▪ Egypt — 6,005

▪ Sudan — 6,001

▪ Russia — 6,001

▪ Algeria — 6,001

▪ Uzbekistan — 6,001

▪ Iran — 5,739

▪ Ukraine — 4,949

▪ Morocco —4,138

▪ Nepal — 3,802

▪ Congo Democratic Republic — 3,347



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