Tuesday, June 8, 2021

VP Harris Speaks on Migration in Mexico City

Following her trip to Guatemala, VP Harris traveled to Mexico City. The trip continues her efforts to address the root causes of migration. Today she met with Mexican President López Obrador, 

According to reporting by the New York Times, Harris stated that the administration "would issue loans for affordable housing, infrastructure development and efforts to grow cacao and coffee."

Harris has come under fire recently for not visiting the U.S.-Mexico border as part of her mission to address migration. At a news conference before leaving Mexico City, she stated she would visit the U.S.-Mexico border in the future and that she had been there before when she was a Senator from California. As the AP has reported, she also defended her decision to visit Mexico and Guatemala, saying: “If you want to address the needs of a people, you must meet those people, you must spend time with those people, because the only way you can actually fix the problem is to understand the problem."



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Uh, maybe she should talk to asylum seekers at the border and their lawyers to see what might have made them willing to stay home. She chatted with politicos and Lester Holt. But, I’m not aware she spent time with folks starving to death because of climate change or running for their lives from gangs the Gov can’t or won’t control! Also, hard to ask others to respect your laws when you are unwilling to follow them yourself! We have no functioning asylum system. Shouldn’t that have been “step 1” before getting into the long term solutions? Her Administration’s asylum precedents are still being set by White Nationalist Stephen Miller “judges” at the BIA!

Posted by: Paul Wickham Schmidt | Jun 9, 2021 1:56:48 PM

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