Thursday, June 17, 2021

From The Bookshelves: Immigration, Crime, and the Administration of Justice


Immigration, Crime, and the Administration of Justice: Contemporary Readings is a newly released book edited by Drs. Heather Alaniz, Fei Luo, and Doshie Piper.

As the publisher describes it, the book:

provides students with a concise, scholarly overview of contemporary immigration issues related to policy, policing, and corrections. The carefully selected readings in this volume provide students with insight into the lived experiences of immigrants in America. The anthology is divided into three distinct units that address issues surrounding how immigration is viewed through the lens of criminal justice statistics, policy, and crime. Unit 1 consists of three empirical studies that explore the perceptions and realities of the relationship between crime and immigration. In Unit 2, readings outline both macro- and micro-level immigration policies and how they intersect with criminal justice. The final section addresses the future of immigration and crime, including readings that explore immigration and civil rights, the politics of belonging, and the future of U.S. immigration policy. Introductions and post-reading questions encourage critical thought and greater engagement with the material. Immigration, Crime, and the Administration of Justice is an ideal supplementary resource for undergraduate and graduate-level courses in criminal justice and administration of justice with focus on immigration.

Note that Unit 3 contains a contribution from our very own immprof blogger extraordinaire Kevin R. Johnson: The Future of Immigration and Civil Rights in the United States (a chapter from his 2004 book The Huddled Masses Myth: Immigration And Civil Rights).


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