Sunday, June 13, 2021

FAIR's take on "Amnesty" -- a classroom tool?

Here's a tweet that really caught my eye. It's from FAIR (Federation for American Immigration Reform), an anti-immigration organization, if you're not yet aware.

Text: Amnesty isn't a solution. It's a crime against American citizens.

Obviously, this is nonsense. But it might just be a good teaching tool. It's eye-catching. And I could imagine a really robust conversation with students breaking it down. Particularly in light of other FAIR tweets such as this one:

Text: Total number of illegal aliens AND THEIR US BORN CHILDREN: 175,000. (emphasis mine).

After all, wouldn't a pathway to regularizing the status of noncitizen parents be a benefit to US citizen children, as opposed to a "crime" against them?

All in all, intriguing to think about using in a classroom discussion of historical amnesty programs and/or present-day proposals to bring undocumented migrants out of the shadows.


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