Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Borderless Europe: Seven Decades of Free Movement


Flag of the European Union/From the Official EU website

Amazingly enough, the European Union for seven decades has allowed for the free movement of people among its member nations.  In Borderless Europe: Seven Decades of Free Movement, Saara Koikkalainen for the Migration Policy Institute notes that "[b]etween Brexit and COVID-19, Europe’s 31-country zone of free movement has been profoundly tested. Still, the area has constantly evolved over the last 70 years, to include new groups of individuals who can freely move for work, study, or leisure, as well as cover larger geographic areas. This article examines the history and challenges to free movement, a crowning success of the European project."

"After years of expansion, however, the free-movement zone has come under tremendous strain over the last decade. The United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union, which was sparked largely by concerns about intra-European migration, and border restrictions imposed amid the COVID-19 pandemic have profoundly tested the notion of barrier-free European movement."



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