Monday, May 17, 2021

LSA 2021 Citizenship and Migration Panels (Day 1)

The Law and Society Association Annual Meeting takes place in Chicago and virtually between May 27-30, 2021. The collaborative research network dedicated to Citizenship and Migration (CRN2) is hosting sessions every day of the conference (click here for program).

I'll update the conference listings each day so that you can save the times for next week. Some highlights for the first day include (all times in Central Daylight Time):

Thursday May 27

9 AM Who is a Citizen? Emerging Questions and Concerns (chair Megan Ballard)

11 AM Citizenship and Alienage in the 20th-Century American Political Economy (chair Polly Price)

1 PM Regulating Migrant Families through Everyday Bordering Practices in Canada and the United States (chair Rupaleem Bhuyan)

1 PM Liminal Statuses and Rights in the U.S. and Abroad (chair Carrie Rosenbaum)

3 PM The Actors and Institutions that Complicate Migration (chair Marjorie Zatz)

3 PM Roundtable on Re-Imagining Citizenship (chair Ming Hsu Chen)

3 PM New Frontiers in Refugee and Asylum Law: Evolving Technologies and Shifting Doctrines (chair Hillary Farber) 

7 PM Of Love and Papers: How Immigration Status Affects Romance and Family (chair Edelina Burciaga)



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