Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Leading Newspapers Call for Meaningful Reform of Immigration System

Even without the brazen immigration actions by the Trump administration, immigration continues to be a topic of public debate.  And the discussion is not limited to the concern with migration numbers at the nation's southern border with Mexico, which frequently attracts front page attention and spectacular stories about the nation being overrun by a "flood" of immigrants. 

The 2020 Census revealed a significant slowdown in U.S. population growth.  Last week, The Daily podcast looked in detail at the population issue.  A lower birthrate means a smaller labor force, with accompanying economic consequences.  The Los Angeles Times Editorial Board ("Declining U.S. birth rate adds urgency to the need for smart immigration reform") noted that immigration is one answer to the population slowdown: 

"We don’t want to get too prescriptive at this juncture, but it is imperative that Congress ends its dismaying inability to come up with a reasonable comprehensive immigration reform. Immigration not only is our history, but with the birth rate steadily declining, it is vital to our future."

The Biden administration's appointment of immigration judges also has gathered mainstream attention.  There long has been a scholarly call to move the immigration court system out of the U.S. Department of Justice.  That criticism is attracting wider public attention.  A few days ago, The New York Tioes Editorial Board ("Immigration Courts Aren’t Real Courts. Time to Change That.") opined that "Congress needs to take immigration courts out of the Justice Department and make them independent, similar to other administrative courts that handle bankruptcy, income-tax and veterans’ cases. "




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