Monday, May 17, 2021

Lack of knowledge about Asian American experiences, discrimination


A survey from Leading Asian Americans to Unite for Change reports that 80% Of Asian Americans say they are discriminated against, while other groups are unaware: 37% white respondents, 30% black respondents, and 24% Hispanic aid they were unaware of uptick in APA hate crimes. The survey found 55% of respondents that identify as Republican said Asian Americans are either treated fairly or better than others. Conversely, 77% of those who identified as Democrats believe Asian Americans are discriminated against.

The poll was administered to 2,766 U.S. residents two weeks after the Atlanta shooting that resulted in the deaths of six Asian American women (March 26-April 14). 

"We thought maybe some people were unaware, but after the Atlanta attacks, everyone should be aware," LAAUNCH CEO Norman Chen said in a report by NPR.

Other national reports have been released by StopAAPI Hate since the start of the coronavirus epidemic.


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