Saturday, May 1, 2021

Failure To Protect


Failure to Protect: Biden Administration Continues Illegal Trump Policy to Block and Expel Asylum Seekers to Danger is an April 2021 publication from Human Rights First, in conjunction with the Haitian Bridge Alliance, and Al Otro Lado.

Here are the report's key findings in brief:

  • The Biden administration is blocking asylum-seeking families and individuals at ports of entry and expelling those who cross the border seeking protection to danger in Mexico.
  • Many Black asylum seekers and migrants are being harmed by the expulsion policy. 
  • Asylum seekers expelled to their countries of feared persecution remain in danger and unable to seek U.S. asylum protection, as the Biden administration continues to use Title 42 to block asylum requests, including at ports of entry.
  • The Biden administration continues to use a widely discredited Trump-administration policy to block and expel asylum seekers, illegally denying them refugee protections.
  • The expulsion policy is separating families and continues to endanger unaccompanied children.
  • Blocking access to asylum protections at U.S. ports of entry and expelling asylum seekers to Mexico creates confusion and exposes them to further danger.
  • Border Patrol agents and CBP officers continue to abuse migrants in their custody, deny them emergency medical care, confiscate their belongings, and carry out expulsions at night and to dangerous border towns.
  • There is no public health justification for expelling asylum seekers and migrants, as repeatedly confirmed by leading public health experts.
  • Many asylum seekers expelled to Mexico are stranded indefinitely in desperate circumstances and are at risk of refoulement – return to persecution or torture.

The report includes recommendations for change directed at both the Biden Administration and Congress.


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